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The Longest Serving Black Member of Congress, John Conyers Jr. Dies At 90

News came in today that John Conyers, the longest serving member of congress has died at 90. It has not been reported as of yet the cause of his death. He was an activist during
the Civil Rights era and made it his duty to fight on behalf of the African American community.

Conyers was born in Detroit in 1929. By the 1960’s he was a Korean War veteran. He was influenced by the late great Dr. Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement, causing him to run for congress in 1964. He won the Detroit seat, appointing Rosa Parks as his secretary.

He is the reason Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday is acknowledged as a national holiday. He introduced a bill 4 days after the assassination of King, it wasn’t until fifteen years later it was passed into law.

Conyers also is the cofounder of the Congressional Black Caucus which was founded in 1971. He also helped draft articles of impeachment against President Nixon during the
Watergate scandal. Also, the first African American to hold the title as Dean of the house of representatives or senior of congress. His career came to an end in 2017 after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct which went as far back as the 90’s. Although, he has never admitted to the allegations he did admit to settling a case with the American tax payers dollars. He stepped down to preserve his legacy.


He leaves behind to mourn his death his wife, Monica Esters, whom is a Detroit politician and they’re two sons. He will most be remembered for all of his hard work, his service, dedication to the black community, contribution to the nation and will remain a household name in history.


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January 17, 2020

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