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Don’t Let a Doctors Visit Intimidate You

September 10, 2019

Often times many of us take our youth for granted by
having poor diets, not implement enough physical
activity in our daily lives and more importantly not
visiting the doctor like you should. When was the last
time you've been to a doctor's office? If you can't
remember you',re not alone according to a 2018 Zocdoc
survey 80% of young adults said they delayed or swore
off preventive care.

The study also found Millennial's in particular avoid the
doctor than most out of any other group. Many young
adults can find going to the doctor to be annoying having
to schedule their appointment around their work/school
schedules due to the fact most doctor's offices aren't
opened past 4 pm.

Staying on top of your health is extremely important for
everyone especially young adults, more so females.
Vaginas are very complex, self regulating organs that
rely on it's acidity levels to block infections out. However,
those women who end up with a disease or infection
have to rely on antibiotics to cure themselves there's a
major downside to those antibiotics it strips the vagina of
both good and bad bacteria making it more vulnerable to
other infections.

Women's health issues can range from a number of
things to STDs, PH issues, cancer, etc. But what's more
scary is the fact some young women don't even bother to
get their annual pap smear or tested before or after
having unprotected sex. Young women have to prioritize
their well being and keep up with their self care. I feel

within the minority community some young women are
intimidated by doctor visits they may feel embarrassed
by discussing their sexual history or allowing a doctor to
look up in the most intimate area of their body.

It's understandable, however those feelings need to be
put aside your health comes before any of that. You could
be walking around with a non-detectable STD for years
and not be aware because of your fear of the doctor. I
encourage all young women to get tested and have their
potential partners get tested, use contraceptive, don't
ignore symptoms or pains you may be experiencing. As a
comfort suggestion I advise those of you who are scared
to request a female doctor or look into holistic


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