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Hip Hope Squares Returns To VH1, Starring DeRay Davis

Antoine DeRay Davis- Stand up comedian and actor, is staying busy within the entertainment industry.

The Chicago native is most known for his acting roles in Barbershop, Snowfall, Jumping The Broom, Meet The Blacks, Scary Movie, and more. DeRay feels his purpose is through ‘laughter.’ With ease, style, and humor he targets topics about relationships, sex, dysfunctional families, and politics.

Making light of heavy and uncomfortable conversations, while making millions laugh. DeRay’s talent is undeniable as he creates a whole joke around, one night stands and extreme encounters that roll off his tongue so casually.

On Saturday August 3, 2019 DeRay brought laughter to the Pittsburgh Improv, in the midst of preparing to launch his third season of Hip Hop Squares.

“I love doing stand up, and I’m still selling out shows,” DeRay said.

VH1’s celebrity studded series returns to television on August 13, 2019, where DeRay is the host of the game show. Celebrities such as; Cardi B, Tamar Braxton, T.I., Jordyn Woods, Bresha Webb, Amber Rose, Ray J, Fat Joe, Safaree, and countless others have participated in the game show.

“I’m excited to be a part of this project. We have fun, and cut up. It makes good TV,” DeRay said.

Executive produced by the legendary, Ice Cube, who wanted to revitalize the original ‘Hollywood Squares’ but do it for the culture.

DeRay says him and his team are working extremely hard, and ready to bring more funny content through the comedy stage and the big screen.



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