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Racial Bullying & Sexual Harassment Ignored on ABC The Rookie?

August 4, 2019

Afton Williamson will not be returning to ABC’s The Rookie, reported by TVLine on July 26th, due to complaints she submitted for racially bullying and sexual harassment throughout Season 1, which were largely ignored.


Afton she played training officer Talia Bishop, a major character with a significant presence. Afton was well written for in the role, and fans took to her quite well. After months of being off social media, she made a post alleging that starting in spring 2018 with the pilot shooting and throughout all of Season 1, she “experienced racial discrimination/racially charged inappropriate comments from the hair department,” as well as sexual harassment from a recurring guest star.


As of now, both ABC and production studio eOne declined to comment on Williamson’s status. Will ABC address the allegations? Will they be able to fill this important role? These allegations are never easy to hear about or address, but we hope that the allegations are taken seriously and investigated to seek out the truth.




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