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Won't He Do It; Teen who was denied employment at Six-flags because of his dreads, has now landed a modeling deal.

July 10, 2019

Since forever minorities have faced discrimination in
most workplaces because of certain hairstyles such as
Afros, braids , dreadlocks, etc. they've been deemed "unprofessional" by many corporate companies.
However, the new hair discrimination law that has
come into place will put an end to that issue. Both
California and New York have passed the law that
makes it illegal to discriminate against someone
because of their hair in the workplace.


Hopefully, the rest of the states will follow suit. In March
16-year old Kerion Washington from Fort Worth, Texas
was denied a position at Six flags due to his dreadlocks,
which was compared to having a tattoo. Washington
told the DallasNews “They told me I could cut my hair
and come back, that it’s just hair and it would grow
back, but they compared it to having a tattoo. I didn’t
want to cut it.”


He stood his ground didn't cut his hair and continued
his job search , his mother shared his story multiple
times on Facebook it eventually went viral fast-forward

a couple months later. Washington began to receive
numerous job offers, but the biggest opportunity that
came from his situation was when Corrie Caster head of
development for IMG Los Angeles reached out to him
Via direct message on Instagram. IMG represents
famous models such as Bella & GiGi Hadid, Ashley
Graham and Kate Moss.


The picture that was shared in the article of Mr.
Washington caught her attention, she didn't know his
story at first but was more so interested in his physical
attributes “I scout the world looking for talent and
stories,” Caster said. “I didn’t know his story then, but
he had a lot of the physical features we look for in our

As of now Washington is learning the tools and the
trade of becoming a professional model, although the
situation panned out for the best for Kerion Washington
it still doesn't make hair discrimination okay. America
needs major reformation, we shouldn't still have to go
through situation like this when trying to seek employment.

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January 17, 2020

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