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Teairra Marie Just Can't Catch a Break

June 23, 2019


Written by Strawberry Flowers

@Berry_no_halle on IG


Love and Hip-Hop Star, Teairra Marie just can’t quite catch a break from the law. She has been apprehended by police for driving while under the influence and a suspended license.

Allegedly, cops arrested Marie Saturday morning after making her exit out of the midtown tunnel into Queens. Sources say, sparks were flying from beneath her Dodge Charger. After approaching the vehicle, they noticed the front right wheel had been missing and the bumper was dragging on the ground causing sparks to fly.

She was later taken in on DWI & driving on a suspended license charges after failing to stand on her own and having a strong stench of alcohol smell.

Of course, 50 Cent wasted no time on slamming her on his Instagram.

“Jesus take the wheel, a bitch drunk. I still want my money Monday. (Dirt Bag!)”

50 Cent still want his money owed to him and he’s letting it be known. We hope if she’s granted another chance, Teairra will find the help she needs. 

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