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Instagram Trialing New Hacking Recovery Program

Instagram is trialing a new account recovery system for users whose profiles have been hacked. The new system utilizes the user’s original email address and phone number and will send a six-digit code to the contact information of your choice. From there, Instagram will then prevent hackers from being able to use email or phone number codes to take over your account from a different device.


The new method means that users will still be able to recover their account even if a hacker has changed all the login and contact details. Another addition from Instagram is that usernames will not be able to be claimed “for a period of time” after account changes take place, regardless if this is a result of a hack or a user’s personal choice.


All Android users and some iOS users have been immediately enrolled into the username lockdown system, however, not all users have been given the option for Instagram’s new in-app account recovery system yet. The goal is to reduce a user’s reliance on external security teams and instead put the power and control back into the hands of the account owner in-app.

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