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LaVar Ball Condemned for Gross Comments

LaVar Ball can’t stop giving people reasons to wish he’d just go away and stop appearing on television, or on the internet.


Ball went on ESPN’s “First Take” on Monday morning to talk about the inclusion of his son, Lonzo Ball, in the trade package for Anthony Davis. And while he was in the process of loudly talking over every single question that was asked of him, he couldn’t stop himself from making host Molly Qerim extremely uncomfortable.


During their discussion, Molly said she wanted to switch gears, to which Lavar responded and said, “You can switch gears with me anytime.”


She recovered masterfully, telling Ball to “stay focused.” Stephen A. Smith wasn’t impressed either, but not surprisingly, Ball didn’t seem to realize that his comment was a shockingly inappropriate thing to say to someone during a live interview that’s ostensibly about basketball.


Qerim didn’t mention that moment for the rest of the broadcast, but did appear to refer to it at the very end of the show.


It’s not clear if ESPN learned any lesson from this incident, but the network did strongly condemn Ball’s comment.

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