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Sandra Bullocks Musical Dramedy Coming to TV

Who’s ready for this story to be told? Music plus a good story is a recipe for attention! Following Sandra’s acting career for so long, I’m all for the continued success. I’ve always said that Sandra has to be one of the most diversified female lead actresses in entertainment.

Some of my favorite films are The Proposal, Speed, Miss Congeniality, Two Weeks Notice, Oceans 8, and the list goes on!

In an unconventional way, Sandra is developing a musical dramedy TV show that is loosely based on her college life in the 1980s, which will be an Amazon series.

The focus is on an independent woman from the South going up against the oppressive cultural norms of the area, and finding love, community, and an identity of her own, as
given to The Hollywood Reporter. The show will touch upon subjects like drag culture, mental health, and the AIDS epidemic.

Guess who’s producing the show? Artist John Legend and  Akiva Goldsman  (Star Trek: Discovery), with a concept that was developed by Marja-Lewis Ryan, which will serve as
a consulting producer for the show, and K.C. Perry will write the script.

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