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20$ Condoms! Miley Cyrus!?

Last week Miley Cyrus released the first of three new EPs: She Is Coming, which included six songs featuring collaborations with fellow luminaries like RuPaul, Ghostface Killah, and Swae Lee. For those keeping track at home, Cyrus is back in Bangerz territory after swerving back to her simpler pop roots on 2017’s Younger Now.


She makes that much clear via the merch you can buy with the digital download of "She Is Coming". Cyrus is pushing a new phone number (1-833-SHE-IS-MC), on a busy $60 pink hoodie, preaching that “Phone sex is safe sex.” She appears in a provocative pose on a $30 T-shirt announcing, “She Came.” And there’s a black-wrapped condom with the EP title and the same phone number for a mere $20.


When you call that number, you get a recording of Miley telling you to push “more gratitude, less attitude” (lines from her song with RuPaul, “Cattitude”), along with a lot of legal disclaimer info, followed by a chance to leave Miley a voicemail.


Sure, all those items come with the digital download of the new release as well—but the EP runs for $6 online. So, that’s basically $14 for a condom, which seems like a lot for something so expendable.

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