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Damon Dash and Rachel Roy At Odds Over Custody Battle

May 26, 2019


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Fashion designer Rachel Roy and ex-wife of Damon Dash is requesting a judge to deny the request made by Dash to get more custody of their daughter Tallulah. 

Allegedly, she is accusing Dash of abusing drugs in the presence of their children. 


​Dash recently filed court papers for joint legal and physical custody of their 11-year-old daughter Tallulah. Roy also made it a point that the kids suffer from anxiety when their around their father and his past history of domestic violence. She says their daughters have witnessed Dash smoking marijuana on more than one occasion.


​Amongst these allegations are also claims that Dash talks terribly to Tallulah about her mother and sister Ava. Apparently, he wants nothing to do with Ava due to involvement of filing court documents against him.

​Court documents filed by Dash claims, Tallulah and he had a very closed knit father daughter relationship and she wants to spend more time with him. Roy disagrees with this claim stating, “that is an outright lie”. 

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