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The “Bachelor” Behind Bars for 2 Years??


Last week, 36-year-old Chris Soules, ABC’s “The Bachelor” reality TV Star was denied a request to delay the sentencing of the collision that killed Kenny Mosher, 66, of Aurora

April 2017.

Chris was initially charged left the scene of a deadly  accident in northeast Iowa.                       

Then later avoided that trial because he plead guilty in 2018,  which reduced his charge to personal injury accident –

an aggravated misdemeanor.


Yesterday, Chris’ attorneys requested a delay for his sentencing, citing the state's lack of response to a motion they filed regarding the presentence investigation report. Sealed by Iowa law, the presentence investigation report is meant to provide a judge with information that could be relevant to sentencing. January 17, the report was originally filed by the Department of Corrections and later amended on April 15. It is stated that the attorneys replied to the report on May 1, however, has not heard back from the state of Iowa.


Chris’ sentencing was initially set for February but delayed because of scheduling conflicts.


"A May 21st sentencing date does not allow adequate time for the State's response, any necessary responsive action, and the Court's consideration of Mr. Soules' motion. Depending on the Court's ruling on Mr. Soules' motion, responsive action will likely be necessary by Soules, DCS or both." Chris’ attorneys wrote.

Instead of a sentence of up to five years in prison for the charge, Chris now faces up to two years. If a judge does not accept the plea agreement he struck with prosecutors, he
also has the ability to withdraw his guilty plea.


Chris will be free to request a suspended sentence or deferred judgment, at the time of sentencing, which would let him avoid prison time and possibly remove the charge from
his record.



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