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Ellen DeGeneres for Politics in 2020

Ellen DeGeneres isn’t prepared to simply support a single Democratic presidential candidate against President Donald Trump , however has hinted that she may be inclined towards one. She shared with Variety that she’ll definitely be involved in the 2020 campaign, even though her show and standup will

continue to focus on non-political views.

Ellen doesn’t get specifically political on her show, DeGeneres has invited several candidates on to discuss their plans, including Pete Buttigieg and Cory Booker.


“I care deeply about our country and what’s happening to it, and the world, the environment and everything that’s going on. I have my opinions. I try not to bring it in. I’m not a political comedian. I’m political, but I’m not the kind of person that’s going to talk about politics in standup. But I definitely think that we need a change, and we’ll figure out who that person is. I’m going to wait and see who ends up getting everybody’s vote and we’ll see who I get behind… I kind of have a candidate, but I’m just going to wait,” she said at Raleigh

Another major issue that Ellen has supported is boycotting of hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei due to the response to persecute of LGBTQ people in his country Bandar Seri Begawan.

Brunei has become the center of global attention for its decision to impose harsh Islamic punishments for offences such as adultery and sodomy.


And as Ellen noted, it goes beyond just the leader: “It’s the banks, it’s the people that put the money up to give him money to get these hotels and businesses, so we do have to continue to boycott. It’s a frightening thing that just being yourself is illegal in certain countries and that you can get killed for it. It makes me sad for all the people that live in those countries. It makes me sad that other people have those opinions about myself, that there’s something
wrong with me just because I love someone. So we need to have voices and make decisions to not support hotels and places like that,” she said.


With the campaign being next year, and with many political concerns, we’ll be waiting to see who’s got Ellen’s vote for the 2020 Election.



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