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Marilyn Van Alstyne Talks About Her Rise to The Top

Wednesday evening, Women Work Better Together (WWBT) hosted a very powerful event. Marilyn Van Alstyne, CEO, EMVE Management Group was the keynote speaker,

dropping jewels to up and coming entrepreneurs.


Alstyne, gave insight on how she went from being an intern for Diddy at Bad Boy back in 1995, working alongside him for 20yrs to walking away from a guaranteed check to starting her own business.


Marilyn, whom had been listening to the radio at the time heard that Diddy was looking to hire interns. By the end of the summer, she had landed herself a job. She worked her way up the ladder, earning her rightful spot. For four months, she not only answered phones she helped syncretize accounts, saving the Combs enterprise thousands of dollars. She also helped grow the company from 20 to 300 employees. .


Not only did she manage all of the day to day operations, she worked closely with a few of Hip Hop’s favorites such as French Montana, Meek Mill and Rick Ross. She has helped take the Ciroc brand to higher heights. Contributing so much to the brands, she realized if she can do it for someone else why not for herself. Which is what led her to pursue her passion of being a business owner.


Marilyn says, after quitting Combs Enterprise, she cried for days until one morning she told herself treat her very own company as if it were part of the Combs Enterprise. She
knew how to run a company effectively. Day by day she took on a task beginning with starting up a business email and getting a work phone. Once that was done, everything
else flowed naturally.


She is well respected and the go to person in the industry. Marilyn was recently featured in Forbes, giving three useful tips to anyone contemplating on whether or not they should leave their job to pursue their dreams.


1. Retainers are great, but equity is what matters.
2. Truth wealth isn’t always found in the dollar amount, but also in the experience.
3. Your employer is your investor.


She urges young women to manage their time effectively, going on to say “You don’t want to wake up one day in your forties and regret the decisions you made in your
twenties” - Marilyn Van Alstyne.



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