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Unpopular Opinion: If Women Never Settle, Men Would Be Forced to Evolve


Over the weekend, I was watching a special on Manakin Birds they are apart of the Pipridae family they reside in American tropical forests. Aside from their vibrant colors the male species of this bird are special due to the their courtship displays.


Male Manakin birds spend their whole lives trying to pursuit their female counterparts. One scene in particular shows a group of male Manakins clearing up some space in order to dance and attract the females. It was cute to see the unity and effort put forward by the male birds during their performance.


This special correlates very much with the dating society today just with the roles reversed , I feel as though women often play the role of the Male manakin birds going out of their way to prove themselves to men, encouraging ridiculous expectations, anticipating their needs, etc.


When in reality it should be the other way around, not saying
some men aren't worthy of these things, but often times women settle for toxic relationships and situation-ships with men and boys who haven't evolved . You shouldn't be pulling more than your fair share in a relationship doing household duties everyday while he gets to sit on his ass playing 2K.


Sadly, this type of relationship has been around since forever, but this special made me think if all women stopped accepting less of what they deserve it would help males evolve or try to do better. We have to stop allowing ourselves to be subject to people who do the bare minimum it's not conducive to ourselves or to the person.



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