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Sheck Wes Article

Back in February singer, Justine Skye accused her ex Sheck Wes of both physical and mental abuse during their relationship. She accused the rapper of slapping her across the face with money, breaking her phone and verbally attacking her. Skye also claimed during Grammy weekend, Sheck Wes attempted to physically assault her and harass her and some friends she was with. This led to a heated back and forth between Justine and Sheck via Twitter, she shared a video of the rapper jumping a gate outside of her



Following the incident , Justine Skye reported the abuse to the police and a judge in the superior court of California granted her a restraining order. However, the D.A. decided not to pursue a case against Sheck Wes due to lack of substantial evidence.


A rep for Skye issued a statement following the D.A.'s decision stating, "It is unfortunate that the Los Angeles district attorney decided not to pursue any further action at this time, but that is often the case with many victims of domestic violence which is why incidents like this go unreported much of the time."

Sadly, this is the truth people endure domestic violence on a daily around the world but most cases don't get reported due to the lack of help sometimes from authorities and fear.



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