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Cruise Control Turns Into Chaos

All Aboard?! What should have started out as a normal Norwegian cruise, almost became a disaster for a Norwegian cruise ship this weekend.


The cruise ship called, The Viking Sky sailed from the city of Tromso headed to Stavanger in southern Norway when the ship’s engine failed and started taking in water. It is reported that Viking Sky made its first trip in 2017. Norwegian media reported wind gusts up to 43 mph and waves over 26 feet high. The cruise was scheduled to arrive Tuesday at the British port of Tilbury on the River Thames.


There was a mayday call made by the crew, which forced an air evacuation, where helicopters lifted almost 500 of the 900 passengers to safety Saturday and Sunday. There was aid sent to the ship which made it to the Norwegian port of Molde on Sunday, freeing the remaining 436 passengers and 458 crew members. Most of the passengers were English-speaking and many Americans were on board the ship.

Twenty-eight people were injured and nine remained hospitalized on Monday, with one in critical condition, according to Norwegian media.

“The ship drifted to within 100 meters of running aground before they were able to restart one of the engines,” Hans Vik, chief of the Joint Rescue Coordination Center for southern Norway, told TV2.


“We don't know the reason why the ship sailed, knowing such bad weather was forecast," Kurt Olsen, acting director for Norway's Accident Investigations Board, told USA TODAY. "We have a very good weather service in this country, so I would guess the crew knew everything about the forecast. How they responded will definitely be part of the investigation."

See video clip of CNN’s call with Norway:





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