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Megan Thee Stallion Mother, Holly Thomas Has Passed Away

March 24, 2019



Written By: (Tessa Dolce @_Justtessa)

Megan Thee Stallion mother and long time manager passed away on Friday. Megan Thee Stallion shared to the world that her mother has passed on Instagram on sharing a heartwarming picture of her and her mother as a child.

“The best mom in the whole world….The strongest women on the planet. I cant even put complete sentences together rn RIP mama.”

Megan mother, Holly Thomas was a former rapper and inspired Megan to even start rapping at the age of 5. Recently, Megan Thee Stallion shared on instagram a video of her in the booth and her mom right her her side.

Megan caption under her instagram post, “We were together EVERYDAY, holly was my biggest cheerleader and toughest critic. She taught me enough for 2 lifetimes and if you were blessed to meet her she taught you something too. My mama is still my rock, my world and my inspiration. Ima go 100x harder because I kno that’s what she would want me to do.”

Megan then post on her IG story, “People on the internet be sick AF My mother had a brain tumor. That was cancerous for a while now.”

Our condolences goes out to Megan Thee Stallion and Holly Thomas loved ones. 

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