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Under Armor ICON Curry 6 United We Win colorway released on International Women’s Day

March 10, 2019



Written By: Tessa Dolce (@_Justtessa) 


This month is all about girl power and how women in this world should be loved and appreciated more. Stephen Curry isn’t only just good at shooting 3-pointers he is also good at making peoples dreams come true.

There was a young lady that goes by the name of Riley Morrison who had trouble finding his signature shoe in the women’s section on the, Under Armor website. After her being disappointed she ended up taking matters into her own hands, and she delivered a handwritten letter personally to Stephen Curry himself. 



Under Armor ICON Curry 6 United We Win colorway was released on International Women’s Day. Riley Morrison played a big role in designing the shoe, she designed different sock liners on the shoe that says “Girl Power”, “Girls Hoop Too”, and “Rock The Curry’s”. This is what “Girl Power” truly means.


Riley Morrison is a young lady who is only 9-years-old and she has did something that has never been done before and is helping so many young ladies out there without even knowing. This situation helps shine a light on an issue that needs to be fixed, it shows us that we need to show more love and appreciation to the women in our lives. 

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