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Will Smith is not “black enough” to play a role...

March 8, 2019



Written By:Tessa Dolce @_Justtessa

It’s sad that in 2019, a hard working, talented and intelligent black man is not capable of playing a certain role just because of his skin tone. Deadline Hollywood put the exclusive out: Will Smith is poised to play Richard Williams, father of tennis icons Serena and Venus Williams….and the internet started to corrupt.

King Williams is about a father who faced challenges while raising and training his daughters, to becoming the tennis icons Serena and Venus Williams.

The internet started to go in a spiral opinionated roller coaster. Smith has been facing tremendous backlash over the internet for not being a certain skin tone for this role. Instead, fans are suggesting to give the role to a “darker” actor. 


Apparently, Smith is a black man by yet not “Black enough,” which spark up a colorism debate on twitter, users began to become irritated and confused on the castings of King Williams. Yes, Smith doesn’t look the part, but that doesn’t justify his ability to create art. For example, in the Pursuit of Happiness, Smith played the true story role of Chris Gardner. Chris Gardner is darker than Smith, but yet he still managed to demonstrate an incredible performance showing 11 wins and 25 nominations.

#Vocalists do you believe that people are being unfair with the backlash towards Will Smith playing the role as Richard Williams? Or do you believe that Twitter has a reason? Lets hear your thoughts

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