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Outgrowing People Isn't Something To Feel Guilty About

March 6, 2019

Written By: Amber Hawkins 

We all deal with and have dealt with friendships and intimate relationships that ended abruptly or end up taking a turn that wasn't expected and it can be difficult to deal with. But it's apart of life sometimes you just outgrow people and situations that are no longer for you.

There can be a number of reasons why you grow apart from people you don't connect anymore, both of you are too busy, your shared interests change, you can't get past an argument or fight you had, you don't feel supported or craving new people to be around. Initially, you'll probably beat yourself up trying to figure out what went wrong in the friendship or relationship or how you could've handled yourself differently.

Most times people will try to put the blame on their former significant other or their former friend, that isn't the right thing to do either in most situations people just have a hard time accepting the fact that the relationship has ran it's course. And they don't realize perhaps they've drifted apart because they are in different seasons of life and need to elevate themselves by other things with their lives whether it be finding a new career path, starting a business, going back to school, or finding a new love.

Growth is always a great thing for everyone so you definitely shouldn't feel guilty for outgrowing things of your past. It's no love lost but everyone can't accompany you on your life journeys. Have you ever outgrew a best friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend? 



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