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Randi R. Feature Story

January 26, 2019


In the words of Randi Rossario (@RandiRossario), “I want to use my calling to help as many people as I can on this ghetto a*% planet.”

Gather around! Calling all of Randi’s cousins- because Detroit native, Coach Randi Rossario herself is making a major impact on Millennials as she posts weekly videos via Instagram that encourage and inspire thousands through her non-scripted, authentic, dialogue.

“Good Morning Cousins!I know the weight of society feels backbreaking sometimes. But do me a favor -wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes, and move your mouth. That’s purpose. That’s love. That’s a reason to get up and try to make this the best day ever. Love on someone. You never know what crosses they’re carrying. Think about it. Good day,” Randi said.

This Millennial Life Coach, Author, business owner, singer, and wife has built a nationally known brand via social media, by cultivating her craft into life changing video segments, currently influencing 177K followers via Instagram.

“I am so grateful for the engagement and following I have now. But it wasn’t instant. I been on social media for years. Originally I wanted to use social media as promotion for my music. It organically grew into what is now,” Randi said.

Fun Fact: Randi was a lead singer in a band.

“My first viral video happened after The Shade Room re-posted one of my videos about character building as one of their (#TSRMorningMotivation) posts. My notifications blew up, and I wasn’t exactly sure why until I got a phone call telling me that The Shade Room posted my video,” Randi said.

Randi is truly an internet sensation. Rapidly reaching 20,000 to 100,000 viewers in every post.

“I genuinely feel called to this,” Randi said.

Author of Good Day Goals, owner of Oh So Radio & Oh So Studios, assisting clients with life as a life coach, mentor, while also maintaining family and beautiful Black Love (stands for standing ovation). Randi walks it like she talks it!

“I love what I do, and I am intentional about what I do. I manage my own social media. No one has my password. Not even my husband. And I take the time to communicate with my cousins and personally answer DMs. It can be overwhelming, but it’s worth it,” Randi said.

Randi says sometimes she plans her topics of what she is looking to discuss, and other times she speaks from the heart. However, everything is channeled through her essential being.

For more information on Randi Rossario, follow her on Instagram for wisdom and encouragement.

For more information on the event visit @BlackArtExpo and @PopChanny. 


Written by Paige K. Mitchell 

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