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Pink Snowed Inn Event

January 15, 2018



New York City never gets boring … it is literally the city that never sleeps. Especially during the Christmas time there are so many wonderful events all over the city. Victoria’s Secret created a wonderful experiential holiday pop-up store in New York’s Soho to celebrate the holidays.
With the opening of its first ever Holiday pop-up, ‚PINK Nation’ Members had the chance to enjoy the ten-day interactive winter wonderland and to stage photos for Instagram.
At the entrance visitors were welcomed with a hot chocolate. The location of the ‚Pink Snowed Inn‘ event was lovely decorated with artificial snow, lots of glitter and balloons.
One of the highlights was a giant snow globe with the New York skyline, in front of which you had the chance to take cool photos. Moreover there was a huge slide, a workshop were you had the chance to create personalized gift cards for Christmas and a stand that offered free bath bombs. The DJ was playing modern Christmas music and made sure that everyone was in the holiday spirit. At the end of the event everyone had the chance to enter a giveaway where you had the chance to win a stylish ‚Pink‘ water bottle or a Pink beanie for example. Moreover everyone got a goodie bag full of nice ‚PINK‘ freebies. Hopefully the ‚Victoria’s Secret‘ sister company ‚Pink‘ is organizing a fantastic event like this again, soon. 


By Julia StreetStyle Blog  

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